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There are over 600 muscles in the body so they play a major role in how we feel.  Our muscles are responsible for producing force, decelerating force and stabilizing force.  They make us move, they act as our shock absorbers and they keep us from falling over.  Exercise and maintenance for our muscles is as important as taking care of our teeth by brushing and taking care of our hair or skin by washing.  The more we neglect our muscles the more problems they can cause us.

Keeping our muscles strong and healthy directly impacts how we feel.  Our bodies are engines and like any engine it needs to be used, and it will also need maintenance and repairs.  Lack of, excessive or stressful motions can cause problems in our muscles.  Developing healthy muscles is a two part process.  First, you must exercise or use muscles in order to keep them healthy, strong, and functioning normally.  Second, you must know how to deal with problems when they arise.

Our skeletal system is what gives our bodies form and shape, so in order to move (produce force), our muscles bend our bones (our bones act as levers).  Movement also creates momentum which needs to be controlled.  Our muscles have to be able to counter balance the force we produce by slowing it down (decelerating it).  In addition, because of gravity our body is always under a constant downward force or stress.  It is our muscles that absorb that stress and counter balance it by stabilizing our bodies so we don’t fall over.  Since joints are where our bones bend and the muscles attach, they are the places that receive the most stress so they are often where we feel much of our physical pain.  Many times this pain is due to injury, chronic conditions, repetitive motion, or positional stresses.  These can be reduced or eliminated by an integrated plan which combines various modalities.

The Pain Free Motion programs are individually designed for each person.  They include the appropriate strengthening program, combined with stretching, and any needed self-myofascial release, or lymphatic drainage techniques to correct problematic tissues if necessary.

Some of the conditions this program helps are:

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Elbow Pain
Wrist/Hand Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Ankle/Foot Pain
Chronic Pain
Herniated Discs
Bulging Discs
Slipped Discs
Shin Splints
Plantar Fasciitis

If you have been experiencing pain that won’t go away, make an appointment to come in and see how this program can help you develop a stronger, more pain free lifestyle.

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About Us

About Us

My name is Alexann Rose. I was born and raised in Wall, New Jersey and have lived in Monmouth County my whole life. Healthy, active living has always interested me. I played sports as a kid and continued to learn about the body, how it moves and how to deal with problems throughout my life. As I got older, I experienced firsthand how cranky and temperamental our bodies can be, but they are also very resilient and respond well to the proper care. Our bodies want to heal and be strong.
Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training is the science and art of developing maximum, strength, flexibility and power for an individual. I think the role of a personal trainer is to show clients appropriate and safe ways to strengthen the body with both isolated and integrated movement patterns.

One-to-one and group personal training sessions are available!
Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

"You can catch disease and illness, but you can't catch health," those were words I heard a speaker say and because of my profession they had a big impact on my perspective. They are so true. I don't know anyone who hasn't had to fight and have determined effort in order to achieve a greater level of health. What's bad for us is often easy, but what is good we have to choose to do on purpose.
Self-Myofascial Release

Self-Myofascial Release

Self-Myofascial Release is a technique used to release tight muscles or trigger points and facilitate the drainage of congestion that can accumulate in tissues causing pain and inhibiting optimal muscle function. This technique can be performed with the hands, but foam rollers or balls are usually used.

One-to-one and group Self-Myofascial Release sessions are available!

Meet Our Staff

Alexann Rose

My name is Alexann Rose.  I was born and raised in Wall, New Jersey and have lived in Monmouth County my whole life.  Healthy, active living has always interested me.  I played sports as a kid and continued to learn about the body, how it moves and how to deal with problems throughout my life. …

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