Alexann RoseMy name is Alexann Rose.  I was raised in Wall, New Jersey and have lived in Monmouth County my whole life.  Healthy, active living has always interested me.  I played sports as a child and continued to learn about the body, how it moves and how to deal with problems throughout my life.  As I got older, I experienced firsthand how cranky and temperamental our bodies can be, but they are also very resilient and respond well to the proper care.  Our bodies want to heal and be strong.

My passion is to work with people who want to be healthy and are motivated to take action in order to achieve it.  Through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I became a personal trainer over 10 years ago and found that most of my clients had chronic issues.  I furthered my education and learned more about techniques and ways to eliminate pain, improve flexibility and strengthen muscle.  I have specializations in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement.  I love to help people solve their problems and bring them to a stronger level of functionality.

Besides developing appropriate programs for my clients,  I also provide accountability.  When my clients set aside time for me they are making a commitment and saying that they know strength, agility and pain free motion is important for a healthy and independent lifestyle.

I would like to thank everyone who helped make this website possible.  Nothing happens in a vacuum.  We need each other for success and I never could have done this without God putting wonderful, generous people in my life.  Specifically, I would like to thank Hal, Chad, Tony and his team, Alice, Becky, Bob, Bonnie, Brittany, Connie, Crystal, Elly, Kim and Selah.