The following includes tips for personal training. If you have any questions regarding our personal training services, please contact our staff.

  • Always engage core before doing any exercise.  This is sometimes called the “Drawing-In Maneuver.”  For many people holding the core tight while producing other movements is difficult.  Another way to describe this is that it is like doing a pelvic tilt in a standing position rather than laying on the back.  A person should practice with simple movements first, like walking and engaging the core at the same time.  Drawing-In activates your natural “weight belt.”
  •  When lifting you should challenge the muscles enough so that they struggle, but not reach the level where they are straining.  If you are twisting your body, hiking your shoulders or straining the neck muscles then you are lifting too much weight or you are not engaging the core properly.
  • Be aware of spinal position and foot/knee/hip alignment at all times.  Your head should not be jutting forward (your chin should be tucked).
  • Keep shoulders down and back (no shoulder hiking).
  • Stay hydrated (muscles need water to convert glycogen sugar to energy)