Stretching Equipment

The follow services are provided by Pain Free Motion:

1) Personal Training
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  1. One-to-One Sessions
  2. Group Maintenance Sessions
  3. Tips
  4. Techniques

Acupuncture Services
In addition to the services I provide, I would also like to recommend acupuncture,  this service nicely complements what I do.  It helps to open up pathways so muscles can function optimally.   A healthy body does not come free.  You have to take responsibility for it.  When there is pain or discomfort it often requires a variety of modalities and commitment on your part to find the right combination of solutions.  After I’ve worked with someone and get an understanding of his/her needs, I will sometimes recommend a variety of solutions so that the best possible results can be achieved.

The Zen Den Center is a place that provides comprehensive and affordable care.
The website is: and is located at 2116 Sunset Avenue in Ocean, NJ 07712.

Yoga Services
Some people find yoga a great way to relax, stretch and strengthen muscles.  This is another modality that can help correct imbalances and reduce pain.  Ashley Alliano is a great instructor, full of passion and creativity.  Please consider trying one of her classes. It is a Sivananda style Hatha yoga class for all levels where they focus on breathing and alignment to form a foundation for the physical practice.

The schedule is:
Tuesdays          5:30 Retro Fitness in Brick
Wednesdays    7:30 Retro Fitness in Wall
Saturdays        11:45-12:45 Master McCann’s Self Defense Academy in Howell… for this class they can use a 10 class card for $100 or pay $15 for a single class.
Contact Information:
Instagram @everybodysyoga
Phone number: 732-492-6417