“I have been training with Alexann for over twelve years. During those twelve years Alexann has helped and guided me through some very painful physical ailments. Alexann’s approach to training is one of knowledge and mindfulness. Her knowledge of the human anatomy is very comprehensive. Alexann listens to her client’s needs and incorporates those needs in their training. Alexann has truly given me painfree motion!”

– Kim S


“Alexann has been my personal trainer for 8 years. In that time, I have seen my strength and endurance reach levels I never thought possible. After lung cancer surgery 9 years ago I was out of shape with poor lung capacity. My motivation to return to my pre-surgery workout schedule was gone. I contacted Alexann in the hopes that she could help motivate me and help me get some strength back. She came with a weekly training program geared to my special needs and limitations. Soon after, I realized that there are no limitations. I look and feel better than ever. I have more muscle tone and endurance than I did 20 years ago. Prior to training with Alexann, I used 2 inhalers daily. Now, I have none. She is well informed and I trust her judgement 100%. For me, she is a lifesaver.”

–  Alice S


“Alexann has been my personal trainer for over 10 years. Over the course of that time she has taught me the importance of staying fit. She has helped me increase my strength and endurance so that I may continue to enjoy the activities I like. In addition to strength training, she focuses on flexibility and balance, which are critical to living an injury-free lifestyle, especially as we age. Alexann individualizes her workouts, making adjustments as necessary and taking into consideration my current condition. She challenges and encourages at the same time, helping me to do things I didn’t think possible. Alexann is extremely knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she finds it. After having knee surgery, Alexann designed a workout program that amazed even my surgeon with the speed of my recovery. Above all, Alexann is a professional – She takes her work seriously and listens to her client’s needs.”

– Bonnie H

Pain Free Motion